In times of epidemic, it's even more important to join forces - Caola helped!

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The Budapest Technical Vocational Center and the Hungarian Reformed Charity Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement.

At the signing ceremony on 16 October, a significant amount of Caosept disinfectant donated by Caola Zrt. was handed over to the institute and its twelve schools. The event was also attended by the wife of the Minister of Finance, Szilvia Vargáné Sántha (second from right), a volunteer of the Hungarian Reformed Charity Foundation, while Miklós Soltész, State Secretary, sent a letter congratulating the cooperation.

The Hungarian Reformed Charity Service has long been striving to provide not only temporary assistance to children and families living in difficult circumstances, but also to involve those in need in long-term programmes and training that can make a real difference to their lives.

Caola Zrt. recognized the importance of social responsibility and, at the request of the Hungarian Reformed Charity Foundation, immediately lent a helping hand by donating a significant amount of disinfectants to help control the epidemic.

Miklós Soltész pointed out that none of this would have been possible without Hungarian companies such as Caola Zrt., to whom he expressed his special thanks for the donation and for the help they provided to social institutions during the first wave of the virus.

Ms Éva Molnárné Rénes (centre), Chancellor of the BMSZC, told Magyar Hírlap that without the help of selfless, committed collaborators and supporters, the high quality of education would not be possible. This is especially important in the current epidemic situation, as in addition to tangible support, the spiritual support and the possibility of building a future together in an uncertain situation gives strength to those living in a community of fate. "On behalf of all the staff and nearly 9,000 students of the Budapest Technical Vocational Education and Training Centre, I would like to draw attention to the importance of unity, cooperation and selfless help. Together we are strength, apart we are weakness", stressed the Chancellor of the BMSZC.

We hope that the good example will be contagious and that many Hungarian companies will help to control the epidemic with the means at their disposal. We are glad that our Caosept products can help the schools.


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