Congratulations to our partner Fradi on their 32nd title!

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gratulalunk partnerunknek a fradinak a 32 bajnoki cimhez
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Ferencváros Torna Klub celebrated their 32nd league title this year. For us it is also an uplifting experience to be part of Fradi's success. Although we didn't do our best on the pitch or cheering from the stands to help the team do their best, we tried to contribute to the success by doing what we do best.

Caola is responsible for hygiene

We are proud to have been the hygiene partner of the Groupama Arena over the past difficult year and to have been able to support the FTC team. Throughout the stadium, in the changing rooms, the corridors, the fan areas, near the benches and in all other areas, hand sanitizer stands and dispensers provided by Caola have guaranteed the safety of the players, the professional staff and finally the fans returning to the stands.

We help with disinfectant instead of goals

Of course, we know that the great results and the championship title are first and foremost the achievement of the team, the staff, the management and the fans. At the same time, it is good to think that the great play on the pitch is also due to the fact that everything is in place behind the scenes, and that the joint work and support of the immediate staff and the partners supporting the team is effective. The FTC was already mentioned in the autumn as a positive example in terms of the low number of infections and impeccable hygiene conditions. The disinfectants and hygiene products provided certainly played a major role in this. The protagonists now only have to concentrate on the game and the opponent, and the protection against infections, bacteria and viruses is the job of Caosept hand sanitiser and the equipment provided by Caola.

Safe cheering with Caosept disinfectants

By the end of the season, fans could return to the stadium. The disinfection stations and the thousands of litres of Caosept disinfectant provided by Caola were all there to ensure the safety of the fans. At the entrances, around the canteens and in the toilets, disinfection is quick and easy, without touching the ground. And by following the rules and using the equipment and hygiene products we provide, we hope to be able to cheer from the stands for a long time to come.


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