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Our company, Caola Ltd. 100% Hungarian-owned company since 1831, active in the market since its foundation. Our cosmetic and household chemical products are sought after and loved all over the country, and are also popular in many other European countries. We have been in the market for over 190 years with our own manufacturing plant, research base and loyal customers.

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Reliable and quality products

Over time, generations have grown up with Caola's reliable and quality products, making us an indispensable part of Hungarian families' everyday lives. We will continue to carry this tradition close to our hearts and remain committed to producing quality products. In recent years, we have gained new momentum, thanks to the joint efforts of our management and our highly qualified professionals.

Our aim is innovation and renewal, and as a result we have chosen new directions in the life of the brand. Our wide range of products spans women's and men's cosmetics, baby care, household cleaning products, insecticides and disinfectants for the healthcare and agricultural sectors. 

continuous market research 

Thanks to our continuous market research, we can meet all your needs, whether it's our own brand or the contract manufacturing of unique private label products. This makes Caola flexible and diverse. From design to packaging, we own every process, ensuring that our new products are reliable and perfect in every detail.

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Industry 4.0

In recent years, our management has made an important decision and in 2021 we started a greenfield investment, building a new factory. In line with the principles of Industry 4.0, we have installed a new, modern production and dispensing machine park. Our new equipment allows automated recipe tracking, while our dispensing machines are controlled by automated software. The whole system can be accessed and controlled remotely, so we could easily operate it from home.

At Caola Ltd. our most important commitment is the satisfaction of our customers, the development of quality products and the stability of our company. We always respect our diverse history, of which we are proud. We are building our future with youthful vigour and expertise so that we can continue to serve our customers and partners as a dominant player.

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