Beauty products

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Cosmetics and beauty products

make up the largest part of our company's range - and for good reason. Our skilled professionals and advanced research and development laboratories have enabled us to develop quality beauty products in the past and in the present. Our range covers a wide variety of facial care products for women and men. Whether it's shaving, nail care or baby care, Caola has been providing solutions in all areas for generations.

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Barbon | Figaro

Men's face care products

Our shaving products include a selection of excellent products from both the Figaro and Barbon ranges. Whether it's shaving cream, foaming and non-foaming shaving creams, pre-shave aftershave, after shave or toner, we have it. A quick and effortless shave is not just a task to be accomplished, it can be an experience when you use products made with quality and superior ingredients.

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Hair care products

Create a new look every day with the perfect hair styling Velmetina hair gel. Whether you want long-lasting hold, extreme curls or frizz-free hair, we have the right product for your hair. Women and men alike can use our water-based or extra-strength hair gels. For extra-strong, all-day hold, choose Velmetina Extra Strength Hair Gel. And if you want flexible, yet long-lasting and shiny curls, Velmetina water-based hair gel is for you. Not only are they easy to use and reliable, they also nourish your hair.

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Baby care products

Our Caonatur Baby range offers baby cosmetics with natural ingredients that gently care for and protect the skin of little ones from newborn age. Our range includes baby care products to suit all skin types and purposes, from powder or liquid bath powders, baby body lotions, anti-soiling creams, or baby bath and baby shampoo.

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Sun care products

Caola sunscreens and sunscreen sprays are ideal for adults and children alike, preventing sunburn and effectively protecting the skin from harmful rays. They are dermatologically tested products for all skin types. Our factor 30 and 50 sunscreens and sunscreens are also suitable against UVA and UVB rays. Our range also includes sunscreens and waterproof products specifically designed for children.

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Cosmetic products

Our face and body care products are classic, designed for everyday use and suitable for all ages. Our carefully selected ingredients gently help with everyday cleansing. For face wash, we recommend our trusted Micellar Water and Refreshing Face Toner, which are alcohol-free to leave sensitive skin feeling comfortable. Our nail polish removers can be used to remove traditional nail polish or even gel polish without drying out the cuticles. Our Hand Balms and Chamomile Hand Cream are popular for a reason: their nourishing ingredients keep skin soft and velvety, while our Refreshing Foot Gel cools and soothes feet during sports and summer heat. Our beauty products can help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated and nourished.

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Talcum powders

Our well-known talcum powders are versatile companions for everyday use. In a convenient spray dispenser, we recommend them for use at home or even on the go. They are a healthy alternative to deodorants, gently moisturising and keeping you dry, as well as helping you prepare for waxing.

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What should you look for when choosing beauty products?

When choosing beauty products, it's important to consider your individual skin type and needs. There are beauty products that are suitable for all skin types, but there are also products that are designed for certain skin types only. For example, products designed for oily skin are not suitable for dry skin, and vice versa.

Here are some tips for choosing beauty products:
- Consider your individual skin type and needs.
- Read the product's instructions for use.
- Do not overuse beauty products.
- Try new beauty products in small quantities before using them in large quantities.
Caola beauty products are convenient to buy in drugstores, supermarkets and online stores.
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