HIPA Support Programme

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With the help of HIPA, the agency dealing with investment promotion and management consulting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the purchase of filling and cream production machines is being carried out within the framework of the Emergency Growth Support Program, with which we were able to increase our production capacity even before the construction of the new factory in Martonvásár.

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Beneficiary name: CAOLA Cosmetic and Household Chemicals Zrt.
Project title: "Implementation of developments helping to adapt to modern business and production challenges at Caola Cosmetic Ltd."
Amount of contracted support: 33 500 000 Ft.
Amount of support (in %): 64,2%
Project identification number: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-01239

Project content:

The goal of Caola Ltd.. is always to manufacture high-quality cosmetic and household chemical products with a more modern composition, to win new customers and clients and to maintain the trust of existing customers. This can only be achieved through continuous product development and research. The company has its own research base, its products and brands are all the result of its own development. Although development is currently underway, the further development and expansion of the laboratory's technological level is essential to maintain competitiveness. These tools are quite special, there are some among them that cannot be found in other companies in Hungary. For this reason, their procurement is also special, given devices can only be obtained through exclusive domestic distributors.

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