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Buy hungarian products! Protect the hungarian products! You can save Hungarian jobs! Hungarian jobs, you can save!

Caola with the Caosept brand has joined the „Vedd a hazait, védd a hazait!” (translated as Buy hungarian, protect hungarian) movement, which launched in March and continued this autumn with a new TV campaign. The movement is promoting the use of domestically produced products made in the country and thus to save jobs at home. The ads, including the Caola's commercial, says that we are different in many ways, but some things are the same we think the same. In order to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the epidemic as quickly as possible and to save jobs, the Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft., which operates the Magyar Termék trademark system, launched a new Buy hungarian, protect hungarian, which was joined by twenty companies in the autumn campaign. The commercials of these companies will be shown on TV2 channels for six weeks from the beginning of November. Caola joined the programme because it is an old Hungarian brand and 100% Hungarian. owned company, it is important that in such a difficult situation, even when buying hand sanitizer that even in a difficult situation, customers should remember that by buying a Hungarian product, they are buying another Hungarian of another Hungarian worker. Even such seemingly small purchases even the smallest purchasing decisions carry a lot of weight.

This movement is much more than just a company with a Hungarian manufacturer on the packaging, it is a the product is backed by employees and domestic raw material supply partners, so the Caosept customer has many many Hungarian families when they choose to buy domestic goods.

The Caola promotional video can be seen here:

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