Our products have been awarded the "Domestic Product" trademark!

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The certification process of the MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Ltd. has been completed for the 22 products named by us, as a result of which the Certification Jury has approved the use of the trademark for the named products.

What exactly does the trademark "HAZAI TERMÉK" mean and why is it important to us?

The logo on the products bearing the HAZAI PRODUCT trademark proves that the product is reliable, that more than 50% of its ingredients are Hungarian and that all the processing and preparation steps take place in Hungary. Such products comply with the legal requirements in terms of safety and are entirely of domestic origin.

Why choose domestically produced products?

High quality controlled products

Support for domestic businesses

Environmental awareness

In addition to quality, there are many reasons to choose domestic products. One of them is to support the domestic economy, because buying domestic products generates revenue for Hungarian businesses, which means that Hungarian workers have a job and are paid for their work. Buying from domestic manufacturers strengthens the entire domestic economy, as these businesses pay the necessary taxes, duties and contributions into the domestic budget. Corporate tax, business tax, VAT, social security contributions and so on are all paid into the domestic treasury, which is used to finance the public sector, education, health care and other public services. Choosing domestically produced products is also good for the environment. Think about it: if the products we manufacture only have to travel from A to B within a country, we will have to spend less time on the harmful effects of transport. Unfortunately, there is still a misconception among the majority of Hungarian consumers that Hungarian products are of poor quality, which is why most prefer foreign brands and products. In many cases, however, there is no evidence at all that the quality of foreign products offered by multinationals is any better. In fact, the quality may even fall short of expectations due to mass production and the scale of production.

Caola "Domestic Products"

At Caola, we are proud that after many years of existence, we are still a 100% Hungarian-owned company producing Hungarian products. Our centuries-old quality products are proof that it is possible to create excellent products with domestic production, with the skills and labour of domestic workers, and that they can stand their ground anywhere in the world.

The full list of our products that have been awarded the Hungarian Product Mark:

1. Caosept Hand and skin disinfectant gel 50 ml transparent
2. Caosept Hand and Skin Disinfectant Gel 50 ml hibiscus
3. Caosept Hand and Skin Disinfectant Gel 50 ml green tea
4. Caosept Hand and Skin Disinfectant Gel 50 ml Men
5. Caosept Hand and Skin Disinfectant Gel 50 ml KIDS
6. Caosept Hand and Skin Disinfectant Gel 50 ml fruit
7. Caosept Hand and skin disinfectant gel 500 ml
8. Caosept Hand and skin disinfectant gel 300 ml
9. Caosept Liquid soap 500 ml transparent
10. Caosept Liquid Soap 500 ml green tea
11. Caosept Alcohol-based surface disinfectant 200 ml
12. Caosept Hand and skin disinfectant 200 ml
13. Barbon Pre-shave aftershave 100 ml
14. Barbon Aftershave Facial Tonic 100 ml
15. Barbon shaving cream 85 ml
16. Figaró After-shave toner 100 ml
17. Figaró Foaming shaving cream 85 ml
18. Figaro Non-foaming shaving cream 85ml
19. Ovenall Refreshing mouthwash 80 ml
20. Caola Scrub powder with chamomile flower extract 100 g
21. Caola Scrub powder with chamomile and orange blossom extract 100 g
22. Caola Medal Scrub powder with aloe vera extract 100 g


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