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Why do school children need a cleanliness kit?

The first step towards classroom hygiene is personal hygiene. We are still living under the threat of the new crown virus, but schools and nurseries are starting to open as September approaches. Workplaces, restaurants, shopping centres and educational institutions are likely to be full again in the autumn. With that being said, if your child has to go back to school, following precautions is extremely important to avoid illness. It is known that children get sick more than adults because they are not paying as much attention to the germs and hygiene measures around them. Therefore, children should be equipped with the right hygiene kit for returning to school or nursery for their own safety.

What should be included in your child's school kit?

In short, anything that helps to maintain personal hygiene. From disinfectant to masks, your child's cleanliness kit should be filled with the essentials to make sure they have everything they need to stay safe at school or nursery.

Your own small towel

A woven towel, preferably cotton, is one of the most important items to have. They are mostly used after washing hands and washing up, but towels are also essential during and after PE lessons. It is important to use your own towel to minimise the chance of coming into contact with other people's body fluids and germs, as opposed to using more than one towel.

The Caola small towel is made from high quality material that is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation or rashes. Its small size makes it easy to fit in children's school bags and toiletry kits without taking up too much space.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

When it comes to hygiene, regular brushing after meals is what all doctors recommend. Brushing removes germs and all kinds of infectious bacteria from the mouth. Unfortunately, children are more prone to frequent or more serious illnesses because they put their hands on different surfaces such as toys, sand, furniture and then reach into their own mouths. This can be easily avoided by teaching them the importance of hand washing and why it is necessary to fight the bacteria present. Schools and kindergartens are places where they come into contact with different surfaces and other children and can pick up infectious bacteria. Therefore, children should be taught the importance of using soap and brushing their teeth from an early age. They should be made aware that personal hygiene is properly maintained and that they adopt the habit of washing their hands and teeth without parental supervision. Using wet soap is not always possible, so portable hand sanitisers are perfect for children. Just dispense a peanut-sized amount of sanitiser and rub their hands together, a move that will leave your child's hands germ-free and clean within seconds.

Hand disinfectant gel

Caolasept hand sanitising gel kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin. The antiseptic ingredients effectively and instantly fight bacteria and microorganisms while cleaning and moisturising the hands. Some disinfectants can dry, but if you buy a good quality product, this can be avoided. Caosept hand and skin disinfectant gel also contains vitamin E, panthenol and other skin-protecting components, and even leaves your hands smelling great after use.

Everything you need in one clean package!

If you're a busy parent and don't have time to buy the individual supplies separately and then prepare a hygiene kit for your child's school run, you can always buy ready-made packs. Caola school and nursery cleanliness kits also contain alcohol-based disinfectants, which are ideal disinfectants for children too. They can be stored in the school bag and used whenever the child feels the need. Our health should never be compromised. It is important to stay clean to avoid unexpected illnesses. With the right hygiene supplies, our children can be prepared to learn a safe school hygiene routine. Caola's preschool and school cleanliness kits have everything your child needs, making them ideal for everyday use.

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