What is talcum powder good for?

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Why should you include Caola rocking powders in your daily body care routine?

No matter what you call them: body powder, baby powder, liquid powder, they all have one purpose: to create a silky barrier for the skin to drain water and oil and prevent irritation from rubbing. The talcum powder absorbs moisture and perspiration.

Our first encounter with talcum powder

The first exposure to talcum powder is most often during infancy. At this time the skin is very sensitive, prone to rashes, eczema and even chafing caused by nappy rash. At this age, doctors also encourage mothers to help keep the baby's bottom dry by dusting the baby's bottom with a baby wipe. Rocking powders are not only useful for keeping babies' bottoms soft and dry, but they also help adults to keep the more sensitive areas of the body feeling cool and soft.

Lifting powders to keep the body fresh and soft

There are several areas of the adult body that need special attention. We all have areas of the body that tend to get hot, sweaty and chafed. One of these highlighted areas is the scalp, where, along with the hair, there are sweat glands and sebaceous glands where water and oil are released. Unfortunately, these areas of the body are less able to get a breeze to cool and dry out. They may need a little help, which can be provided by using a rocking powder.

Rocking powders can be used as an alternative to deodorant

Depending on the time of year or sweatiness, you may want to consider using rocking powders to protect more delicate, sweat-prone areas of the body and hairline.

It also helps prevent acne on the body

Most acne occurs when the body produces excess oil and mixes the skin's bacteria with fat and dirt. And the bacteria that cause acne like to multiply in moist environments. Most talcum powders not only prevent excess moisture from building up on the skin, but also have ingredients that help prevent acne from forming.

Rocking powder also protects the feet and shoes

For many, this is the absolute favourite use when it comes to talcum powder. Just sprinkling a small amount on your feet before putting on your socks and shoes not only makes them smell nice, but also makes wearing shoes much more comfortable. In summer, when the feet sweat, they tend to slide around in the shoes, which can be very uncomfortable. The use of talcum powder helps to prevent this. Keeping feet dry also helps to prolong the life of beautiful shoes.

Leaves a pleasant fragrance

In fact, incense powders can not only be used on the body, but are also highly recommended for spraying on gym bags, suitcases, laundry baskets, sheets, etc. if you want to smell pleasant. You can use it pretty much anywhere you want to keep bad smells under control. The Caola range of talcum powders are invariably suitable for protecting the skin from unpleasant dampness, and their pleasant fragrance helps to keep you feeling fresh and refreshed. Choose a chamomile or orange blossom extract, you won't be disappointed. For babies, Caonatur Baby Rocking Powder is available in both powder and liquid form.

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