Velmetina Hajfixáló zselé extra erős 100 ml

Velmetina Hajfixáló zselé extra erős 100 ml


Extra strong hair fixing gel. Gives hair extra strong hold, elasticity and all-day hold. Nourishes and cares for the hair. In 100 ml tube.

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Velmetina Hair Fixing Gel Extra Strong 100 ml is a high quality hair styling product that you can use as part of your daily hair care routine. This product is the perfect choice for those who want to achieve extra hold and long-lasting style in their hairstyle.

The extra-strong hold gel is able to create long-lasting and flexible styles, whether you want hair without the hairspray effect or long-lasting styles. Its special formula preserves the hair's natural movement, so it won't have a stiff or sticky effect. Besides its delicate, mild fragrance, it gives extra hold without damaging the hair.

Benefits of Velmetina Hair Fixing Gel Extra Strong 100ml. The gel is easy to shape, so it makes any style easy to achieve. It doesn't leave a sticky or overly harsh effect, so hair can move naturally. The gel protects the hair from the external effects of environmental factors such as wind, rain, humidity, etc. and heat damage.

Practical and convenient to use, its 100 ml packaging is easy to carry, even in a bag, for longer and shorter trips. Dispensed from a modern, easy-to-push tube with flip-top cap.

Easy to use: wash your hair and gently wipe away excess moisture. Use on slightly damp or dry hair. Apply a small amount of Velmetina Hair Fixing Gel to the palm of your hand and distribute evenly through wet or dry hair. Style the hair the way you like and leave to dry for a few minutes. Can be used on straight and curly hair.

Velmetina Hair Fixing Gel Extra Strong 100 ml is the ideal choice for anyone who wants extra hold and elasticity in their hairstyle. This product is compatible with all hair types and will help you look fantastic day after day. Don't miss out on this fantastic hair care product and enjoy the confidence and look that long-lasting style provides!


Weight 99 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm
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