Figaró Shaving cream 85ml

Figaró Shaving cream 85ml

Creamy and foamy shaving cream with a masculine fragrance. Softens beard and facial hair. Its skin-friendly ingredients leave the skin soft, moisturised and smooth. In a 85 ml tube.

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Caola Figaro Foaming Shaving Cream is a high quality shaving product that helps men shave smoothly, comfortably and precisely. This foaming shaving cream combines the experience of a traditional shave with the convenience of modern skincare and is guaranteed to become an essential part of your daily routine.

This product excels in its effectiveness, as its foaming formula lathers easily and creates a durable layer of foam that provides an excellent glide for shaving. The lather is soft and creamy, which helps the razor blade glide smoothly, minimising the risk of cuts and irritation.

The Foaming Shaving Cream is part of the Caola Figaro range of products and has a special rich and nourishing ingredient. Its natural ingredients such as glycerine moisturise and nourish the skin, preventing dryness and tightness after shaving. In addition, its light cooling action provides a pleasant experience while refreshing the skin during shaving.

Foaming Shaving Cream contains skin-friendly ingredients similar to Caola Figaro products, making it gentle and safe for the skin. It contains no irritating synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The convenient tube packaging is easy to handle and ideal for travel. Foaming Shaving Cream provides the classic shaving experience while caring for skin health and comfort. To use. Apply by hand or with a cotton pad to the area to be shaved, using your razor. Rinse with plenty of water. After use, we recommend applying Figaro Aftershave.

Overall, Caola Figaro Foaming Shaving Cream is a great choice for men looking for the ultimate shaving experience. Its exceptional quality formula has foaming and conditioning properties to help ensure a smooth and comfortable shave. The product is gentle on the skin and its pleasant fragrance leaves you feeling refreshed after shaving.

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