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Szentkirályi Hungary, Vízangyal Ltd. and Caola are launching a joint innovation, beauty products made from mineral water. We have been involved in the creation of quite unique products in Hungary in the past period. Thanks to the unprecedented cooperation and joint work of Levente Balogh, owner of Szentkirályi Hungary and Vízangyal Kft., a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable products, and Caola Zrt. Although the past year has been challenging for us, even in our 190-year history, we have invested significant resources in the development of personal hygiene products, in addition to the production of the Caosept family of disinfectants and the development of the Caola Medical product line for the healthcare sector. Water Angel cosmetics are perfect for the daily care of dehydrated skin.

Mineral water beauty products

As a fruit of a joint collaboration between Levente Balogh, President and co-owner of Szentkirályi Hungary Ltd. and Caola, the Water Angel range of products, including shower gels, facial sprays, body lotions, hand creams and liquid soaps, will be launched this year. Using Szentkirály Mineral Water. The two companies found each other easily because both Szentkirályi and Caola have a philosophy of strengthening the domestic economy, thinking and creating value together with domestic stakeholders. Two brands have joined forces who, as prominent Hungarian brands, are responsible players in their own industry. We are especially pleased that Levente Balogh (Szentkirályi Hungary Ltd.) was looking for a partner with a high level of expertise and experience in the production of beauty and personal hygiene products, and Caola, among others, met these criteria.

Contract manufacturing and product development in one place

Everyone stayed on the same page, with Balogh Levente providing the award-winning mineral water and image on which the product is based and Caola providing the manufacturing and cosmetic product development expertise. "The Water Angel shower gels, liquid soaps, hand creams, body lotions and moisturising face creams will be the new products of the year, with the key feature of the products being made using Szentkirályi mineral water, with Rossmann as the first professional launch partner. It has long been my desire to use the king of food, natural mineral water, in other areas where it can serve consumers in the right way", says Levente Balogh, co-owner of Szentkirályi Hungary Ltd.

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News and interesting facts from the world of CAOLA
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