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What waste reduction and environmental protection means for Caola:

Caola is a member of the Hungarian Cosmetic and Household Chemical Industry Association and the Hungarian Chemical Industry Association. The member companies of both associations focus on reducing the amount of industrial waste and its recycling possibilities.

  • Accordingly, Caola uses recycled cardboard for the majority of its product packaging and strives to train as many units as possible.
  • For our webshop deliveries, we do not use plastic film or bleached paper, and we pack the products ordered in recycled collection cardboard.
  • Paper, metal and plastic waste from production is collected selectively and compacted before dispatch, preparing the waste for easier recycling.
  • We use digital media information to communicate our product promotions to consumers instead of DM leaflets.
  • Taking into account the legislation that will come into force from 1 January 2021, Caola has already this year removed microplastics from its products.
  • We strive to design our packaging in an environmentally responsible way when renewing our products or developing new ones, thus reducing our ecological footprint.
  • For the month of November, we are committed to not buying plastic bottled water for representational purposes and to encourage our employees to use tap water.
  • We are advertising to office staff to reduce paper use, asking colleagues to print only the documents they need and to use both sides of the paper when printing. Do not throw away waste paper, but use it to write individual reminders.
  • We are launching a competition on Facebook for schoolchildren to show how they are implementing the selective collection of packaging materials for hygiene and household chemical products at home.



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News and interesting facts from the world of CAOLA
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