Dr. Anikó Száraz at the graduation ceremony of the BME Faculty of Chemical Engineering

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Dr. Anikó Száraz at the graduation ceremony of the BME Faculty of Chemical Engineering

"Dear graduating students and professors, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are gathered here today for the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering. (BME) It is one of the most uplifting tasks to address the graduating students and their families at a graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony is one of the most important events in the life of the university and in your life. The world, the university and you have changed a lot in the last few years and will certainly continue to change throughout your life. You have achieved a great feat and you should be proud of your achievements. A lasting global economic crisis has begun. Rising energy and raw material prices are causing serious problems for chemical companies in the world and in Hungary. Technological progress is increasingly being forced by the crisis. Only the best survive. A fundamental prerequisite for this development is the acquisition of the best possible specialists and the application of the latest technologies in industrial companies. With this in mind, Caola is seeking a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering of the BME, with the aim of ensuring the supply of new specialists and developing joint technical solutions, new industrial technologies. Caola Zrt, as one of Hungary's oldest companies, is building a new modern factory in Martonvásáro, which is linked to the government's objective of making Hungary self-sufficient in the production of health products in the event of an emergency, rather than being at the mercy of foreign ownership. To achieve this goal, we are counting on you and the expertise you have acquired during your university studies. Finally, a word of advice: the best people always strive for clear goals, so set your own goals and always be ambitious. But keep in mind that achieving goals alone will not be a measure of success. The knowledge you have acquired here should not stand on its own, should not be an end in itself. You have a responsibility to contribute to a common body of knowledge that will benefit your community, your society and your country. I would like to thank your teachers for their dedicated work over the past years, which has resulted in well-prepared professionals for the Hungarian chemical industry."

We are pleased to see that the Hungarian chemical engineering education continues to attract and attract new recruits.


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