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Caola Chamomile Hand Cream is the ideal choice for dry hand skin.

What are hand creams good for?

Most hand creams are used to moisturise hands and replenish moisture lost during the day. Our hands can dry out for a number of reasons. For example, if you are a healthcare worker who constantly washes them, or a construction worker who handles hard and rough materials in different climatic conditions, you can face the same problem. Dry hands are most common in winter when the weather is cold and the wind is icy. It is also the reason why our faces dry out in winter. Of course you can wear gloves, but they won't help you get the moisture you need. Only good quality hand balm or hand cream can do that.

Are body lotion and hand cream the same?

They may be similar, but they are not the same. Hand balms and hand creams are specifically designed to address problems with your hands, while lotions can be applied to the entire body. A lotion is often thinner in consistency, while a hand balm is thicker and often contains more concentrated moisturisers.

Can I use lotion on my hands?

While it's OK to use lotion on your hands, it's far from sure that you're giving your skin the right care and it may not be the best for you. If there is a better option, why not choose it? The consistency of the lotion is thin, which means it probably won't help those dry hands that are crying out for a hand balm made just for them.

What is best for extremely dry hands?

If you suffer from extreme dryness, winter can be particularly bad for your hands. The dry air, whether hot or cold, can cause serious problems for dry hands, but there are a few other reasons why your hands can feel cracked and sore all year round. Dehydration, allergies and excessive hand washing can all cause dehydration, and the best way to relieve this feeling is to keep the skin on your hands moisturised. What you need is a hand balm or hand cream that instantly softens the skin, relieving the feeling of dryness without being sticky or greasy, while nourishing the skin.

Which hand cream to choose?

Of course, what better to recommend than Caola Hand Balm and Caola Chamomile Hand Cream. Regular use of the Caola Family Hand Balm will prevent dryness and cracking of the hands and cuticles, leaving your skin soft and velvety. Easily absorbed into the skin, it helps soothe dry skin, leaving hands feeling nourished, smooth and instantly soft. Specially formulated to provide 24-hour hydration without being greasy or sticky. Order today and enjoy healthier hands no matter the weather or the season.

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