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Production technology and R&D infrastructure to be upgraded

We have laid the foundation stone for a new 4000 sqm production hall

Upgrading both production technology and R&D infrastructure On 11 March 2022, we laid the foundation stone for the 4000 sqm production hall that will be built in Martonvásár Industrial Park later this year. The investment was made with the support of the Ministry of Finance. The plan is to complete the new plant and start production this year. The 3-hectare site in the Martonvásár Industrial Park of the National Industrial Park Operating and Developing Company (NIPÜF) Inpark Martonvásár was purchased in May last year. The foundation stone was laid in March this year and construction is scheduled to be completed in December 2022.

Complex package for industrial development

The investment, with a budget of €4.5 billion, is part of the Health Industry Support Programme (ETP) launched by the Ministry of Finance. The driving force behind the ETP is Hungary's interest in becoming self-sufficient in health protection equipment. This is why the government has launched a complex package of support for the development of the domestic health industry.

"Over the past year, work on the technological and building design has been going on in the background and we have now reached the more 'visible' stage of the investment, i.e. construction. Our goal is to have a modern production and packaging technology and R&D infrastructure worthy of Caola's name and history, which is in line with the latest challenges and high technological level, and which is another key value and objective of our company, in addition to job creation", said Dr. Imre Bándi, CEO of Caola Zrt. mondta Dr. Bándi Imre, a Caola Zrt. elnök-vezérigazgatója.

The new plant will initially start with 40-50 new jobs, but due to the size of the site and the modular design of the hall and plant, this can be expanded in the future.

"This is a milestone for Caola Zrt. that has not been seen many times in the company's 190-year history, because in addition to infrastructure improvements, in the last one and a half to two years we have managed to create a new professional disinfectant and detergent product range, as well as expand the spectrum of hygiene products for residential and consumer use. The latter will now be launched with a new, clean image and a new design as part of the Caola renewal." said Dr Imre Bándi

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News and interesting facts from the world of CAOLA
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