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Caola management attended a major exhibition in Székesfehérvár on 23.11.2021. At the opening of the workshop held at Sóstó, Hungarian Healthcare Developments were presented, where Caola's developments were also presented. At the exhibition, the companies that joined the Health Industry Support Programme presented their services and products created or developed with the support. Some 56 companies have joined the programme, 51 of which exhibited at the MOL Arena Sósto. At Caola, our goal is to provide frontline workers and health care institutions with the hygiene products they need. To fight the virus, we have adapted our entire production capacity to produce hygiene products in two to three shifts, instead of cosmetic product lines.

Development of professional disinfectants

There is still a very high demand for professional and medical disinfectants, and these products are subject to a special licensing procedure, which means that only a few companies can manufacture them. We are planning to introduce a new range of products specifically for professional medical use in the near future.


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News and interesting facts from the world of CAOLA
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