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New leather versions of the CaoNatur Baby range are on the shelves. Let's take a look at the benefits of the main ingredients!

What are the ingredients in the products?

Our main active ingredients are all natural - meaning we don't use large amounts of chemicals in our baby care products, apart from the obligatory and harmless carriers that help to preserve the effects of creams and lotions.

The softness of babies' skin is due to high water content, undeveloped sweat and sebaceous glands, and a thin layer of hair. These properties all change with age, but during development, these special ingredients can help prevent the appearance of skin lesions, skin diseases and hydration.

In a previous article, we told you about cornflower extract, which has been a major inspiration for all the members of the range. Its anti-inflammatory, mildly exfoliating and wound healing properties are well known, and it has been used in our homes for centuries, not only in cream, but also in tea and syrup form. Chamomile and calendula extracts are also included as soothing ingredients in our baby care range. Babies' and children's skin also needs protection from external damage, as they are eager to explore and experience the world - while they are still young.

Healing and exfoliating panthenol and allantoin not only heal wounds but also redness, rashes and mild allergic lesions.

CaoNatur Baby Dandruff Cream also contains natural shea butter, which is proven to nourish and prevent allergies, deeply moisturize babies' skin while providing a dandruff-removing effect. This product also contains almond oil, a fine, thin oil that forms a healthy layer on baby's scalp. The pleasantly scented oil is also highly recommended for babies for gentle massaging, as it is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy layer, replenishing the oils that baby's skin lacks.

Soon, CaoNatur Baby Baby Wash and Shampoo, Baby Bath Powder, Liquid Bath Powder and our Dandruff Cream will be available at all our partners, with a new playful look.

Look for Dino on the shelves!

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