Barbon Pre Shave 100ml

Barbon Pre Shave 100ml

Pre-shave for electric razor. Helps the razor glide, prepares the skin for shaving. 100 ml with flip-top cap.

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A revolutionary product, Barbon Pre Shave for electric shave is specifically designed for the modern man who values not only the quality of shave but also the overall experience of skin care. Barbon Pre Shave is the first step in the pre-shave preparation and creates the best foundation for achieving a smooth and precise shave. It changes the way you groom your face and helps you start the day with fresh and smooth skin every morning. This sophisticated aftershave combines the best analysis of traditional shaving and modern skincare for optimal results. The unique formula of this aftershave has many benefits. It prepares the skin before shaving, softens hairs and softens the skin. As a result, shaving becomes easier and hassle-free.

The product helps to soften and lift the hairs, so the razor glides more easily over the skin. This can reduce the risk of irritation and cuts, while contributing to a closer shave. Key ingredients in the formula are chlorophyll and menthol crystals, which nourish the skin, preparing it for both conventional and electric shaving. The chlorophyll component has powerful antioxidant properties and can help protect the skin from environmental damage such as sunlight and polluted air. Chlorophyll also helps to maintain skin elasticity and firmness, and prevents redness and inflammation. Its menthol crystal content gives the skin a cooling sensation, especially in the morning. Menthol contributes to the softness and smoothness of the skin, helping the razor to glide smoothly when shaving. The aftershave does not contain parabens or other harmful substances, making it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The fragrance is fresh and masculine, blending notes of citrus and woody aromas for a unique shaving experience. The fragrance is not only pleasant to the senses, but also provides long-lasting freshness.

Use: Barbon Pre Shave is easy to use. Before shaving, the Barbon Pre Shave facial is a must. Massage gently to allow your skin to absorb the product. Then continue with your normal shaving routine. The results will be visible and noticeable immediately.

Not only will Barbon Pre Shave help you to achieve the best results when shaving, it can also become an important part of your skincare routine. By using the aftershave, you'll find real pleasure in shaving and skincare, and you're guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.

Weight 92 g
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 10 cm
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