Caola Zrt. saves the adult team of SC Sopron

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The operation of Sport Club Futball Kft, the company behind the SC Sopron adult football team, is in a difficult situation.

The sports company is being saved from liquidation by Caola Zrt., a long-established Hungarian cosmetics, hygiene and household chemicals company. The municipality has also proved to be a partner in the rescue of the club. A few days ago, the General Assembly of the Municipality of Sopron approved Caola Zrt.'s intention to acquire a stake in Sport Club Futball Kft., the company that runs the SC Sopron men's adult team. Thus, the Hungarian company, which has a history of more than 190 years and produces cosmetics, hygiene and household chemical products, will soon become the majority owner of the Sopron football team. Caola's aim is to re-establish quality football in Sopron, both at youth and adult level!

"I'm glad that such a big player in the market has backed Sopron football, thus enabling our club to continue to operate! At the same time, I would like to thank the Sopron City Council for always standing behind the club in the most difficult situations", said Ákos Csiszár, President of SC Sopron.

Dr. Imre Bándi, CEO of Caola Zrt., said that his company sees the purchase as a kind of "rescue operation", as the Sopron football team has been in a very difficult financial situation lately and has already sounded the alarm bell several times.

"In the case of SC Sopron, we are talking about a dynamically developing sports club that is a key player in the region's football, whose support and training of young players is of paramount importance. This training system has been jeopardised by the lack of financial backing for the company running the adult team. For us, the rescue of SC Sopron was also a matter of great social importance," said Dr Imre Bándi.

At the same time, the new majority owner wants not only to run the club, but also to develop it: their goal is to gradually move the adult team up to the NB II ( Hungary’s 2nd league) in the medium term.

Founded in 1831, this is not the first time in the history of Caola that they have been involved in sport. Sports fans may remember that Zalaegerszeg, which played in the women's handball NB I in the 90s, competed under the name Caola, and Caola 2020 has been the hygiene partner of the FTC football team and the Groupama Arena since 2020, as well as maintaining close professional relations with several national sports federations.




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